You’re so quiet

Last night, a friend of mine invited me to Zhongxiao night market in order to get some ice cream. I was happy to join. It is one of my closest friends. About two hours before we met, he announced me that a Taiwanese girl would come with us. I was slightly less happy since now a stranger was involved. I went directly to the night market to eat dinner before we met. Since they were late, I started to read a book while waiting. They finally arrived and I met the Taiwanese girl. We introduced ourselves to each other. They didn’t have dinner yet so I had to sit and wait for them while they were eating. My friend went to order and I was left alone with the stranger. I tried to ask some questions to which she answered quite briefly. I thought I did my part. With my friend, they started to talk in Chinese, I could only grasp the meaning of a few words. I could hardly resist the temptation to get my book out of my bag. I had to convince myself that it would have not been nice of me. But later on, she told my friend “他很静” (Tā hěn jìng)

Of course, I didn’t quite understand. My friend translated to me, telling me that the girl was saying that I was so quiet. I felt instantly a little upset. She then directly asked me, “Why are you so quiet?” Seriously, who ask such a question?

I’m still trying to figure out a positive way to react to those kinds of remarks that I’m so used to. I guess people are not trying to hurt me and actually they are only saying what they see. So it’s up to me to empower my own personality and to not feel guilty of being the way I am.

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