How I fell in love with HOI AN

I had never really thought about traveling to Vietnam before. I did not have specific expectations because it is not a country you hear a lot about (at least not at home) and even less about this small town on the central coast of Vietnam. My first idea, before my trip, was to spend a few days around Da Nang and visit the Golden Bridge as any tourist is supposed to do

Well, I liked all the cities I visited in Vietnam; the noise and madness of the traffic in Saigon, the beach and the landscapes of Mui Ne, the day I spent in the Mekong Delta. Everything seemed real and natural. It was like being at home. But Hoi An impressed me because it was so familiar and yet so new to me. I know, it’s full of tourists and you will find merchants selling all the same products all along the streets. But apart from that, everything else, from architecture to gastronomy, through the famous Japanese bridge or these beautiful lanterns, has something to dazzle you and give this city this romantic and lively side.

You can simply walk around the old town, sit by the river or enjoy the nightlife with a drink and chat with people. And of course, since we are in Vietnam, everything is cheap enough to allow you to take the most of your stay.


Magdalée Brunache

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